Sprayer Equipment

Guide for the DIY Farmer

Successful crop spraying starts with your equipment.

Basic Components of a Sprayer

From tanks an agitators to control valves, gauges, hoses and strainers, we've got you covered when it comes to knowing how your spray equipment actually works.

Nozzles: How to Select the Right One

Identify nozzle spray patterns and sizes to pick the best nozzles for the job at hand. We've included resources for calculating flow rate and nozzle size charts based on your row width. 

What the Custom Applicators Won't Tell You About Operating Your Own Sprayer

Getting Your Sprayer Squeaky Clean

Avoiding a mishap starts with prevention.
We'll walk you through the steps to get your sprayer squeaky clean after an application.

 We're sharing what the pros know in this go-to sprayer inspection and maintenance checklist.
Keeping your equipment calibrated is step one. 

Your Sprayer Maintenance Checklist

This guide includes tips, best practices and management steps for
DIY farmers who want to learn what the pros know.

"This guide has already saved me money. 
I didn't know I was using the wrong nozzle size at the wrong speed... I was using 25 gal/acre when I should have been at 10 or 11 gal/acre. That is a huge difference!

- Colorado farmer

Download the Free Sprayer Guide

This guide will help you learn the basics of owning and operating your own sprayer.

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