Control Your Seed. Control Your Farm.

The F2F Genetics Network was created to bring farmers radical innovation, transparency and economics through an entirely new model for seed development and purchasing.  

In the F2F℠ farmer-breeder network, your feedback will drive new products for your farm. You're planting great seed and shaping the future of the seed industry - Farmers First℠.

What is the F2F Genetics Network?

Our Core Principles

The F2F Genetics Network works with premier independent breeders and universities to select and produce top performing genetics. 

We believe you shouldn't have to compromise performance, transparency or fair prices.

F2F Corn, Soybean & Alfalfa Seeds

$130/Bag Conventional Corn*

$33/Bag Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans*

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$190/Bag Alfalfa

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** Updated with 2018 harvest data.

Get above ground insect control, below ground insect control, and herbicide tolerance with Master Farmer seed distributed through the F2F Genetics Network. See which Master Farmer seed varieties are sold under other brand names and make seed relabeling work for you with our Master Farmer "Also Sold As" Varieties sheet

Traited Corn Seed from Master Farmer

$174/Bag GT

$199/Bag GT + BT

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$224/Bag GT + BT + RW Corn

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$244/Bag GT + BT + RW (Blended Refuge)

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$219/Bag GT + BT (Blended Refuge)

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Grain Sorghum, Forage Sorghum, and Sudangrass, offered direct to farmers at a great price!

Sorghum from Warner Seeds, Inc.

Forage Sorghum from $63/Bag

Sudangrass Sorghum from $33/Bag

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Grain Sorghum from $115/Bag

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Hybrid Pearl Millet from $105/Bag

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Special Pricing & Programs

Trailblazers Program

Farmers who show a strong commitment to the vision of F2F Genetics with a 500 acre planting commitment are eligible for early season pricing and an Unbundle Coupon on chemicals purchased through FBN Direct.

These incentives are limited to the first 200 Trailblazers committing to the program.*  

Soy+1 "Hold-Back" Seed Licensing

We believe in providing options and value to farmers in any way we can. The Soy+1 program gives farmers the option to hold back seed for one additional planting and harvest season.*  We'll help with genetic purity and germination testing along with seed treatment. 

*Additional terms & conditions apply and are subject to change.

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