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Cash Contracts that Fit a Range of Needs.

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Independent Hedge to Arrive (iHTA)

An iHTA is like a traditional “Hedge to Arrive” or “Futures Only” contract, only with less restrictions.

With an iHTA from FBN, you lock in a futures price without specifying basis, but maintain the independence to deliver to almost any buyer, allowing your more power to shop and negotiate for a better basis price.

Deferred Futures

Deferred Futures is a good solution for farmers who want to deliver grain now, but believe futures price has upside potential.

If you want cash flow, lack storage, or don’t want to store your grain, you can use a Deferred Futures contract. You deliver your crop, receive 70% of the current cash value, but leave your futures unpriced to take advantage of potential price rallies. 

FOB Farm Basis Offers

You set a target basis level you’d be willing to accept to sell you grain. We work to put together selling opportunities that meet or exceed your offer.

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Minimum Price Contract

Lock-in a futures price floor while maintaining participation in any market upside, all while maintaining the independence to deliver to almost any buyer.

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