All purchases made on credit by December 20, 2018 qualify for a 0% interest rate with no payment due until December, 2019.  

For financed orders made after December 20, we will start charging interest--except for farmers in the 0% Club. Members in the 0% Club can keep placing orders at 0% interest all season! Whether it's a January order or some insecticide next July, you'll be able to use credit and get a 0% rate.

0% Financing On Every Input

Purchase, All Season Long 

The Easiest Way To Buy Inputs

How It Works

Thanks to a Farmer-Direct Model, we work directly with manufacturers and suppliers to get high-quality products at a fair price for you.

Order online or in our mobile app. We'll deliver direct to your farm or you can pick up at one of our local warehouses. 

direct dollar money
shipping truck

No rebates, no zones, no haggling. We're transparent from start to finish and offer one price nationwide.


Nationwide Pricing 


Saving Farmers Money on Inputs

Input purchasing has traditionally been unfair to farmers. Recommendations are biased by compensation schemes for sales agronomists, and true input prices are hidden in secrecy and confusing rebates.


We started FBN Direct to bring data to farmers' decision-making on inputs and to provide a superior purchasing experience for the farmer. We fulfill this mission with transparent, nationwide pricing and an unbiased product list. By utilizing the FBN Network, members can see the range of prices paid by other farmers for specific products. Members can also see the most popular products used in their region to help define their chemical plan.

Why We Started FBN Direct

We're Here To Put Power & Profit

Back In The Hands Of Farmers

When you provide us your cell phone number, you provide us permission to contact you via calls or sms messages about FBN offers, products, services.

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