Non-GMO Soybean

Chemical Guide

Identify types and timing of commonly applied crop chemicals used on non-GMO soybeans throughout the growing season. We've included herbicide product names along with mode of action groups, as well as links to product labels.

Types of Applications

From pre-emergence and soil-applied herbicides to harvest aids, we've included the most common application types and their timing.

Modes of Action

Learn to identify chemical families and modes of action that are relevant to the applications you make, when you make them.

Weed Control for Your Non-GMO Soybean Crop

Decoding Chemical Labels

How to read product labels, and what they mean for  tank mix for compatibility and spray applications.

Acronym Definitions

Making sense out of common chem lingo.

Download the Free Guide

All the details on selecting the right non-GMO soybean chem applications for the right time.

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