2019 Products and Programs

Product Specifications & Performance Data

Farmers Business Network℠ works with trusted breeders and universities to provide our farmers with top performing genetics. With F2F℠ Genetics, you can expect performance, transparency, and a fair price.

$33/Bag Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans*

$130/Bag Conventional Corn*

*List prices: $130/bag Conventional Corn - $35/Bag GT Soybeans

Click to Download PDFs:

Click to Download PDFs:

RM 108 - F2F1C-088A

RM 110 - F2F1C-108A

RM 112 - F2F1C-128A

RM 108 - F2F1C-028A

RM 108 - F2F1C-068WCE

$190/Bag Alfalfa

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** Updated with 2018 harvest data.

$174/Bag GT Corn

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$224/Bag GT + BT + RW Corn

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$199/Bag GT + BT Corn

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$239/Bag GT + BT +RW (Blended Refuge)

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$219/Bag GT + BT (Blended Refuge)

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Grain Sorghum from $115/Bag

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Forage Sorghum from $63/Bag

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Sudangrass Sorghum from $33/Bag

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Hybrid Pearl Millet from $105/Bag


Click the links below for more details on our pricing and special programs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. 1-844-200-3276

Early Adopter & Special Programs 

Trailblazers Program

Farmers who show a strong commitment to the vision of F2F Genetics are eligible for special offers and incentives. These incentives are limited to the first 200 Trailblazers committing to the program. 

Soy+1℠ "Hold-Back" Seed Licensing

We believe in providing options and value to farmers in any way we can. The Soy+1 program gives farmers the option to hold back seed for one additional planting and harvest season.*  (Download PDF)

For a small licensing fee, farmers can opt into the Soy+1 program receiving the following benefits:

  • Ability to hold back seed for an additional planting and harvest season
  • Genetic purity and germination testing on a sample of your held back seed
  • Seed treatment of your held back seed

Program Benefits

Program Requirements*

  • 2.5% annual interest rate financing on seed orders made by 1/31/2019; no payments until December 1, 2019
  • Early Season Pricing
  • $2,000 Unbundle Chemical Discount (must be redeemed by 12/31/2018)
  • 500 acre planting commitment (including min 80 units of corn)
  • Must support the on-going strength of the genetics network through contribution of planting and harvest data to Farmers Business Network

*Additional terms & conditions apply and are subject to change.

Call To Order: 1-844-200-3276

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Members who complete a credit application and qualify will receive extended terms with a 4.5% annual interest rate charge for balances carried through through December 1, 2019.